Ending Homelessness


This is a Labor Action Committee tasked with advocating for the homeless.

Ending Homelessness is a group of Labor members and supporters who want to end homelessness in this state.  The group was established as a Labor Action Committee (LAC) in 2019 under the rules of the NSW Branch of the Labor Party. It currently has over 300 members.

Homelessness is about human rights.  Homeless people are not only merely objects of charity, seeking help and compassion – like all Australians, they are individuals entitled to the protection and promotion of their human rights. Since human rights belong to everyone, it is in the interests of the Australian community as a whole to ensure that the rights of homeless people are respected and protected.

“No one should ever be without a home” 

David Mehan MP
Member for
The Entrance
The REAL story of homelessness

Indigenous People

While Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people make up only 2% of Australia's population, they represent 9% of the total homeless population and 19% in improvised housing.


Statistics suggest that as much as 42% of the homeless population in Australia is female. However homeless women are often less visible than men and the homeless effects on women is often underestimated.

Children & The Youth

Youth homelessness is one of the biggest problems facing Australia. Current statistics show that almost half of all homeless persons are less 24 years of age.

Health & Mental Illness

A large proportion of the homeless populations is affected by mental illness, making them one of the most vulnerable and isolated groups in our society. Mental illness is one of the primary causes of homelessness.

THE Human impact.

Homelessness can
happen to anyone

People experiencing homelessness, and those at risk of homelessness, are among Australia’s most socially and economically disadvantaged. Governments across Australia fund services to support people who are homeless, or at risk of homelessness but as a society, we can do much more to help end homelessness.